Frank Lloyd Wright March Balloons Umbrella

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Discover the beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright's artworks and bring the spirit of innovation and aesthetics into your life with this beautiful umbrella. Enjoy functional art with a reverse-opening stick umbrella – the hands-free operation lets you talk, text and travel in style. Featuring eight unbreakable fiberglass ribs that are sandwiched between the layers of a double canopy. This clever construction not only shows the art on top and underneath the canopy, but it also protects your hair from getting snagged in the frame on windy days. The unique construction captures rain to keep cars and floors dry, and the free-standing design eliminates the need for an umbrella stand. A must-have accessory for museum patrons, commuters and travelers.

Measures: 31.5" l. Arc is 48".

Product Number UMBRF90B
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