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Daggett Farm Watering Jug

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New science? New innovation? Think again. Resurrecting an old innovation is what the Greenfield Village potters have recreated for gardeners today. The efficient water jug once used to tame dust on old dirt floors is a terrific must-have for those that love to garden. Using any water reservoir, simply plunge the jug and allow it to fill, then cover the top with your thumb and off you go with a jug filled with water.  Once arriving to your destination, lift your thumb and the jug will gently sprinkle your thirsty plant from the holes that are positioned in the bottom. This works particularly well for those saving rain water. A process like this will beat dragging the hose out daily when you can use a bucket of water and bathe your plants with the gentleness of rain. 

  • 10"h x 6"dia.
  • Handcrafted in Greenfield Village.
  • Made in USA.