Women's Garden Vegetable Tee

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Join the community of urban farmers.  Here is a colorful tee to kick off your gardening adventure. Put it on and start gardening . . .

• 100% cotton.
• Custom design.
• Imported.

For first-time gardeners, let us inspire you:

If you allocate a 4’ x 4’ area for a square raised bed you will be amazed how much produce you can grow!  Using 4, 2”x6”x 4’ boards, nail them in a square and lay flat to the ground. Fill with garden soil.  You can nail cross-sections of rope to divide in 12” sections giving you 16 individual spaces to plant.  Now you are ready to plant seeds. Here is a list that will fill your garden per section: 16 radishes, 16 carrots, 9 beets, 9 spinach, 4 parsley, 4 Swiss Chard, 4 lettuce, 4 thyme, 16 onions, 9 garlic, 8 peas and 9 bush beans. If you are going after vining green beans-- make sure they are planted on the back side to grow up stakes. With a couple of yard pots grow tomato and eggplant and surprisingly you have planted everything on your shirt (plus more). Final tip: if you start your seeds indoors ahead of the season, you will be able to start multiple plantings for multiple harvests. Happy growing!  

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