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Relive the excitement of being at the arcade playing your favorite car racing game. Now a new favorite can come straight to your mobile device. Take control of a vehicle of your choice and sprint, jump and maneuver your way around the track, all while avoiding the perilous traps that get in your way. Thanks to augmented reality, the Mobile Arcade will put you on the race track wherever you go! 2 FREE Apps with multiple tracks and terrain changes. Pocket sized with non-stick/non-scratch adhesive. Experience the excitement with vibrations, jumps and LED lights. Box: 4”w x 7”h x 1.25”d. Ages 8 years+

  • Virtual Racer Car
  • 1 Car Storage Pod
  • 5V USB Charging Cable
  • 1 QR Activation Code
  • Instruction Manual
Product Number 8006899

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