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Village Decanter Set

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Village Decanter Set - Champagne
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Village Decanter Set - Pewter
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Village Decanter Set - Steel Blue
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The Greenfield Village glass blowers bring the past forward with the addition of the Village Decanter set as part of their handblown glass offerings. The process of making this "three mold glass" begins with a gather of glass being set into a mold. That is only the first step. After removal from the mold, the glass is expanded by means of additional blowing. The object is then cracked off at the rim and hand finished by grinding and polishing. Pitcher rims, decanter necks and bases all required hand work. Creating a stopper is a separate process. This molded glass style was actively made in America between about 1815 and 1835. Amazingly it still looks fresh today!

  • Decanter size: 8"h x 3.5"dia.  17oz.;
  • Glass size: 3.5"h x 3"dia. 8oz.
  • Sizes can vary
  • Handcrafted by Greenfield Village artisans
  • Made in the USA