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Van Cleeve Short Sleeve Men's T-Shirt

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You can find all kinds of cycling shirts but this one gets to the core for a true cycling enthusiast. Passion. Here is a bit of that history:

Wilbur and Orville Wright began their own bicycle brand and introduced the "Van Cleve" safety bike on April 24, 1896 (ancestral name). The Van Cleve was mostly hand made with a choice of handlebars, metal or wood rims, and single tube or double-tube pneumatic tires. Selling for $65, it came with their proprietary special "self-oiling hub". After several years of success, the business was sold.

The brothers shared the dream of flight and it was their bicycle business that funded their breakthrough in the air. This tee takes inspiration from the two guys that had a sense of adventure, drive and a determination to take their skill to the next level. While they left cycling behind, they moved on and pushed their passion.