Plum 50 Sports Car

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We have all seen a "Plum 50" story. Late in the 1960's, the secondary car market took off with custom engines and hood scoops, it was only natural that the car enthusiast customize his vehicle with vibrant colors and striping to show off his rebuilt dream car. It was not long after that you realize small car 'meets' growing much larger.  This heirloom car is simple and designed for durability.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign to launch creative, safe and durable toy cars for the marketplace has finally paid off.  Kickstart funders made this story a reality as the cars now are found in the market place. This story began with an idea, several designs, the entrepreneurial spirit of one man--Vlad Dragusin, and the drive to get the wooden cars to production. With a program behind Vlad to fund it, the dream has come true.

We love the story as it speaks to the drive of entrepreneurial spirit but we find the quality is exceptional too. 2.8"W X 1.95"H X 7.2"L. Plum Purple. 

Product Number 7811706

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