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1962 #1 Ford Mustang 1

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This is the Mustang that started it all. And you still have a chance to get one.

The concept car dubbed the Mustang I made its debut at Watkins Glen on October 7, 1962. With American Formula 1 driver Dan Gurney, the Mustang I Concept made a shocking recorded lap time just shy of the pace set prior to the Formula 1 race in that year’s Grand Prix. This very car spiked renewed interest in Ford creating performance cars and earned the cover of Car & Driver in 1962.
It was only a few years later that a redesigned, street ready Mustang was in production and ready for the road. Car enthusiasts were out in force to buy the new breed.

Your hand-built die cast includes a certificate that reads:

"This certificate verifies that this production model is one of 499 1:24 scale hand crafted models of the 1962 Ford Mustang I Concept. This model was produced in 2013 and is limited to 499 production units. 1:24 Scale."