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The Vernor's Story

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A Detroit hometown story of an iconic beverage. Learn the 1866 story of soda pop entrepreneur, James Vernor, and his drive to make his ginger ale the drink of choice and an American success story. With a secret formula in his pocket and a soda pop named after him, in 1866 entrepreneur and inventor James Vernor introduced Detroiters to his gingery concoction, Vernor's Ginger Ale—a drink that shook the local beverage world and one that's still a player in the ultra–competitive beverage industry. Observing nearly a century and a half of this great American thirst quencher,' The Vernor's Story' tells the tale of Vernor's passionate drive to make his brew the ginger ale of choice in the then fledgling business of carbonated soft drinks. Ginger ale connoisseurs love "deliciously different" Vernor's for its distinctive gingery flavor and unique packaging. And for Vernor's fans everywhere, 'The Vernor's Story' marks a nostalgic revival of interest in this important piece of Americana—a Detroit original and great American success story!