The Story of Innovation: How Yesterday's Discoveries Lead to Tomorrow's Breakthroughs

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From the structure of the atom to the jet engine, from the world's fossil record to the theory of relativity: here are the critical breakthroughs in technology, the paradigm shifts that led to modern science, and the discoveries and accomplishments that shape our world today and our future tomorrow. Organized by realm of science and tracing key concepts from origins to the most exciting ideas and advances on the horizon, this book documents the interconnectedness among the crucial milestones of our time. Written in clear, authoritative prose, illustrated with essential photography and diagrams, and laid out in an entertaining and browsable way, this is the go-to book for answers about the way the world works.

Written for science geeks and everyone curious about the world around us, this comprehensive sweep through modern science and technology is a solid family reference, covering the most important innovations and inventions in engineering, physics, medicine, chemistry, biology, and more.

  • Hardcover. 
  • 304 pages. 
  • 9.4" w x 11.2" h x 1"d.
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