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The Last Days Of Henry Ford

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Truly one of the major architects of life in the Twentieth Century, Henry Ford transformed himself from a Michigan farm boy into a master of innovative thinking, mechanical design, efficient production, and successful marketing.                                                

However, as the case with many such individuals, as he grew older Ford relied on outdated thinking, and as time progressed separated himself from the realities of the industrial powerhouse he created. At the same time, he became more and more reclusive.   In a masterful piece of historical research and writing, the author has uncovered and offers in this volume a huge amount of new information on the last years of Henry Ford's life. It is a captivating story that reads like a novel, using many previously unpublished sources of information and revealing intimate details of Henry's relationships with his wife Clara, other members of his family, employees, colleagues and friends, his declining health, and the  untold complete story of his death.     

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  • 286 pages                                               
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