The Coloring Toy

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It is exciting to know that after nearly 60 years; the Eames Office is reintroducing The Coloring Toy that was so warmly loved in the mid-1950s. The purpose of this toy is to provide a jet assist into the world of color, drawing, shapes and play. Be busy for hours experimenting with the color assortment of crayons or use markers and paints from home to add more mediums to your art project, increasing the textures. The fun continues as you can make a jumping jack or other imaginary characters. You don’t have to stop there—use your characters in the imaginary stories you make up. The contents of this box and clues in it are intended to stimulate the use of these and other materials in an ever-expanding variety of ways.

  • For ages:  6 yrs.+.
  • Size: 21"w x 7.5"h x 1"d.


  • 16 crayons 
  • 32 clips 
  • 8 colored cards 
  • 49 different shapes to punch out 
  • Instruction sheet 

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