Super Maker Circuit Drawing Kit

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Is it art or electrical engineering? Time to switch on some fun with this amazing circuit drawing kit. The inventor/maker's behind Circuit Scribe knew it would take something truly special to get kids excited about learning and electronics. That's what inspired them to invent the Circuit Scribe Pen. Filled with an awesome silver ink that creates electrical connections on paper, this amazing little invention is the star of the show. It's this pen and the activities it inspires that connect the joy of drawing with the electric world of science, mixing in some fun along the way. You can explore endless possibilities of art and electricity. Build 3D cities, origami art, glowing stars, mazes and so much more. If you can draw it, you can power it. Just looking at the contents (conductive pen, 11 magnetic modules, 9V battery, circuit stencil. steel canvas, jumper stickers and inventor notebook), you will be inspired!

  • 17 pieces in all.
  • 6.5"w x 9.5" h x 2"d.
  • STEAM learning fun.
  • Ages: 8 years and up.

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