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Stoneware Nested Bowl Set

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Our nested stoneware bowls are made from 100% American clay. It is hard to find a stoneware matched set hand formed and made in the USA. Our Greenfield Village pottery staff take pride in all they do and offer these as a labor of love; the shop will not offer sets that get out of round in their kiln. Beyond distinguished workmanship, the superiority of this set is the weight as they stand firm while in use. Beyond mixing bowls, they are handsome at the dinner table when used as serving pieces. You will be pleased with countless uses for these fantastic bowls.

  • Made in USA. 
  • 2Qt.: 10"w x 4.5"h 
  • 1.5Qt.: 8.5"w x 4"h
  • 1Qt.: 7"w x 3.5"h