Snowman Scene Luminary

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The ever-popular snowman charms himself on to our handmade luminary this year.  The potters in Greenfield Village are constantly asked about artwork selections by our visitors. Overwhelmingly, the snowman is a favorite.  Making a luminary can be tedious and it starts with raw clay manipulated on the wheel. Once it is formed, little stars are painstakingly cut out to allow light to pass through. Then the clay piece rests and is low fired. Next step is a visit to the pottery artists that bulb colored slip on to the surface creating the design. Believe it or not, the piece rests again. Glazing is the final step before the final firing. Our visitors enjoy watching our luminaries being made and love them in their homes.

  • 4.25" w x 5.25" h.
Product Number 3380402

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