SmartCore 6 Modular Smart Vehicle Kit STEM

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Take control of land and sky with SmartCore 6. This kit features 6 separate models: three land vehicles (Tank, Gyrobot, Trike), and three sky vehicles (Turboprop, Drone, Hovercraft). With forty-four easy to snap together parts, tomorrows innovators will learn the STEAM principals associated with physics, aerodynamics, and electronics when they build and remix SmartCore 6.
The magic of SmartCore 6 lies within OWI SmartCore technology. When connected to one of the six vehicles, OWI SmartCore acts as a digital brain using a patented algorithm that evaluates the best way to control each vehicle.

With gyros and sensors built in, the OWI SmartCore will help stabilize the propellers on the Turboprop, Drone and Hovercraft to keep the airborne models in flight. With the land vehicles, the OWI SmartCore keeps Gyrobot vertical with active balancing technology, allows Trike to cruise at high speeds while maintaining control, and turns Tank into a roving explorer. Best of all, the OWI SmartCore automatically pairs with the remote control, so operation is impeccable. With a built-in quick charging LiPo battery and USB charging cable included, recharging SmartCore 6 is effortless. The only question left to ask is which SmartCore 6 vehicle will you build first?

With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) playing such a pivotal role in schools and society, there is no better time than now to start children on the path to learning real-world applications behind these fields of education. Fortunately, a host of educational – and yes, fun – age-appropriate toys are available to parents and educators designed to teach children about STEM concepts.

  • Ages 8 years+
  • 15.74”w x 13”h x 3.5”d.
  • ASTRA 2019 Science and Discovery Toy of the Year Finalist

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