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Inspire young scientists with the biographies of 50 fascinating women in science past and present, each paired with a hands-on experiment that brings the history and principles of science to life.
Women have been involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for thousands of years. While many have faced obstacles because of their gender, things are changing for the better, and today there are more women than ever working in these disciplines.
By examining the moments that inspired successful women to pursue STEM fields, delving into their adventures and struggles, and exploring their interests outside of science and engineering, She Can STEM gives kids a rare glimpse into the fascinating personalities behind the lab coats.

Just a few of the many curious, creative, and persevering women introduced:

  • Physicist Dr. Nadya Mason – Dr. Mason studies how electrons move through materials like carbon and graphene. She ran track in high school and was a gymnast on the United States National Team.
  • Ecologist Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer – When she was a young girl, Dr. Kimmerer loved to pick wild strawberries and nature helped her reconnect with her Potawatomi heritage. Eventually, her love of the outdoors led to a successful career as a plant ecologist and author.
  • Physicist Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein – As a kid, Dr. Prescod-Weinstein dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. She attended a performing arts school where she trained as a dancer before going on to study astronomy and theoretical physics.
  • Chemist Dr. Raychelle Burks – Dr. Burks has loved Agatha Christie mysteries and Star Trek since she was young. Today, she works to create hand-held sensing systems that can identify chemical clues tied to crimes.
  • Microbiologist Dr. Esther Lederberg – Dr. Lederberg was a child during the Great Depression and was often hungry. Although she enjoyed literature, music, and French, she eventually chose biochemistry as her field of study and went on to make many important discoveries.
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