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See the USA: The Art of the American Travel Brochure

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The early part of the 20th century saw a boom in American vacationing. Passenger trains were swift and affordable, air travel was coming into view, and the Model T was swiftly selling to millions of average Joes and Janes.  Hungry to know the still youthful nation, travelers set out to explore its large cities and natural attractions.  Eager tourism bureaus attracted them with colorful hand brochures promoting their particular locales with clever quips and eye-catching art. Would you have taken the bait?  With images like these, how could you not? On the advent of this travel, America was shrinking.                                                                        

This color-rich book features 200 examples of the graphics and ingenious slogans that inspired freewheeling travelers to hit the road, See the USA is a nostalgic look back to the simpler era in American life.                                                              

John Margolies has published his works to arouse our insight into America's culture. We see the once colorful and creative side of advertising savvy that attracted the masses, now being lost to history.                                              

John has offered us a small supply of publications from his personal stash so that we can make them available to you.

  • Softcover                                            
  • 8.75"w x 8"h x .5"d.                                    
  • 132 pages