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Seatbelt Mini Messenger

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Inspired by life.

From the eyes of an artist, innovator or maker, they see things in a cutting-edge way. Imagine: upholstery leather, seatbelts or seat buckles—they have visualized it before it was made. Cleaned and reconditioned, the makers go to work to make their distinct bag collection where no two will exist alike. This seatbelt messenger bag is upcycled from materials rescued from the ravages of landfill. The makers are not fussy which vehicle they claim: a Lincoln, a Mercedes, a Cadillac, a Ford, or BMW… they just love the materials and extending the life of automotive history.  If you look closely you may see small signs of distress, but the indestructibility will override your worry. This purchase will start a new tale of automobile history.

• 2 internal accessory pockets.
• Compartment for iPad.
• Adjustable shoulder strap.
• Secure car buckle closure.
• Unisex styling.
• Made in Canada.
• 8.5”w x 10”h x 3.5”d.