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Season 2 | Emmy Award-Winning INNOVATION NATION with Mo Rocca

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Once again our genius team, Mo Rocca, Alie Ward and Adam Yamaguchi, bring the past forward with each inspiring episode of The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation. Season 2 will not disappoint with Emmy Award-winning spirit as our correspondents travel the globe showcasing present-day inventors whose ideas were built upon the fruits of the world’s greatest innovators.  

The juxtaposition of scenes allows viewers to glimpse modern-day “Thomas Edison’s and Henry Ford’s” contrasting with our brilliant American change makers of the past. You will see passion, feel the sense of accomplishment and the energy that streams from each of these incredibly brilliant thinkers.  Prepare to engage. You as the spectator will be drawn in, tying their ideas together with yours, seeing larger applications that can be useful in the not so distant future. Soon you may discover these inventions have made it on the market and will feel armed with insider’s knowledge knowing background secrets from where they came. Simply put, you are living the history—not just something that you have read about. Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is proud to be command central for this highly entertaining, playfully informative, educational show with hot topics to interest all ages.  

3 DVD Discs.  Complete second season run time: 531 minutes.