Punkin’ Pumpkin Seed Hobo Bread, 26oz

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The Henry Ford lives to tell the innovative and compelling stories of American life through our artifacts, exhibits and food. We know Hobos have an important story to tell about life by the rails. With a vagabond life style, and a language of their own, these drifters would move via train camp to camp often begging for morsels of food to add to a Mulligan stew or fixings to make bread. Most followed the code of conduct and shared their hand-outs with a group. A cup of flour, a cup of sugar, an egg or two, and the group would improvise a meal with tin cans.

 With the same inventiveness in mind, our chefs at The Henry Ford imagined this simple sweet bread with the addition of delicious pumpkin seeds and spice that could easily have been ingredients offered by a “Mark” (a person willing to donate food) to a Hobo. Enjoy this scrumptious taste of history. Freezable. Sliced.

 Our bread is all natural, Michigan-made without preservatives, so in order to provide you the freshest quality we ship on Wednesday and Friday.

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