Project Kid Crafts That Go! 60 Imaginative Projects That Fly, Sail, Race, and Dive

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In Project Kid: Crafts That Go! that excitement is translated into more than 60 inventive craft projects for parents to make with and for their children.

The book is organized into seven chapters: City, Rails, Sky, Space, Water, Country, and Dirt. There are police cars and ice cream trucks; circus trains and submarines; helicopters, rocket ships, cement mixers, and school buses. And because the car-obsessed kid doesn’t just want a new vehicle to play with—he wants a racetrack, his very own driver’s license, maybe even a child-sized gas station—each chapter includes not only toys but also thematic clothing, decor, accessories, and more. Projects feature clear instructions and step-by-step photographs wherever they are needed, easy for both kids and non-crafty adults to understand.

  • Softcover. 
  • Ages 8yrs+ 
  • 8"w X 9"h x .8"d. 
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