Magnet Relief - Diamond

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A playful way to display modern art! Compose stunning, one-of-a-kind relief art by simply rearranging these colorful magnetic wooden pieces. Crafted from specially selected pinewood, the pieces are affixed with magnets on the back, which easily attach to the provided metal board. Each wooden piece is individually hand-cut for a subtly different texture that augments every refreshing composition of patterns, three-dimensional effects, or any design that inspires you. When you’re finished arranging, you can display the board on a wall or table for an instant conversation starter. This decorative relief art makes a great gift for creative people of all ages.

  • Create stunning 3D relief art with 72 diamond shaped, magnetic wooden pieces in 12 colors
  • Includes a 12 x 12 inch metal board Individually hand-cut wooden pieces with subtly different texture to augment unique 3-dimensional effects
  • Crafted from specially selected pine wood with affixed magnets for easy rearrangement
  • Designed in Germany and manufactured in Taiwan

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