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Plain Barrel Cooler w/Spigot

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As styles go in and out of vogue, keen innovators come up with new practices to mimic the quality of the past. Finishes are reinvented, materials are changed and in come imposters as replacements. But is it hand thrown from American clay? Is it lead-free and food safe? Does it have authentic charm? Here, the Greenfield Village potters can make those promises and you will not be disappointed. They make this piece in the same fashion as those made in the 1880’s. Here we offer the “real deal” less the cracks, the lead, the chips and flakes of the century old ones. Being stoneware, it will blend nicely in your décor with timeless presence.

  • 8” w x 13” h x 6” d.  
  • Handmade by Greenfield Village artisans.
  • Made in USA.