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Original Stormy Kromer Cap

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Guaranteed for life. Yes, life! George Stormy Kromer, a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer got tired of losing his hat to the whipping winter wind. So, he asked his wife to sew some flaps on an old baseball cap to keep it snug. It worked so well that over 100 years later it is still legendary for comfort and fit. What sets this wool plaid hat ahead of the rest is the no nonsense, no-charge insurance policy that comes with your purchase. That is no gimmick; it is the Stormy Kromer ethic from their beginning. What they know is that you can't pretend to be a legend. It is something earned from customers, making commitments and carrying through. You supply name, address, email and purchase info and Stormy Kromer stands behind their warranty for workmanship and defects.

To get your size, measure comfortably around your head where your cap will sit, with a tape measure. Take that number in inches, divide by 3.14 (pi) and round up to the nearest eighth. That is your cap size.

  • Register your purchase warranty.
  • Made in Michigan of globally sourced fabric. Wool.