Advanced 200-400X Optical Magnification Clip-on Microscope

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More than just a toy! Use your phone as a portal to explore life in a different dimension. The clip-on microscope (with light source) will keep things interesting when you are on the go. Pocket-sized so you can take your microscope anywhere. Camping trips will never be the same when down-time or rainy days threaten disaster, pull out your microscope and collect to see plants cells, your own cheek cells, bug parts you discovered, pond or lake water -- all slides you personally prepare.

You will be impressed with the scratch-resistant, industrial grade 200 - 400X digital magnification lens*. Expect a stand feature to allow room to prepare your slides positioned on the devise. The metal clips will hold your slide in place. Once prepared (your slide), you will observe the image directly on the devices’ digital screen. It works with the smart device's standard camera and photo APPS to record the microscope images either as a photo, a video or in time lapse. As you can see, this microscope is a step up from a toy and is perfect for a budding scientist, a curious student, lab work or even for work in the field. The lens magnification pairs with your built-in camera lens to autofocus. It will work in selfie mode and with the front camera. Quite a revolutionary product!

  • For Ages 8 years +
  • Phone not included.

*Your resolving power will be dependent on the lens plus number of pixels in your smart device. The universal microscope clip works with most smart phones and tablet cameras.

Product Number 7040017

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