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MiP Robot

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Get this guy home and with the free app and your iOS or Android device he is ready to go. You can interact with MiP  immediately using intuitive hand gestures. Put a full soda can on MiP’s tray, and drive it to a friend across the room via Bluetooth.  Oh, did we tell you that MiP can dance? He dances to the beat of its own (built-in) tunes, or to any tunes on the user’s smartphone or tablet. With his app, MiP never will shy away from driving, dancing, battling and more.  He has an immersive personality.  Roll with MiP into the future.

MiP was named a Product of the Future by Popular Science and earned an Innovation and Design award from ShowStoppers at the Consumers 2015 Electronics Show.

  • Requires 4 new AAA batteries.
  • Size: 5.25"w x 7"h x 3"d.  
  • Recommended age: 8-15 yrs.