Mid Century Modern Home Architectural Set

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Start building! 3DuxDesign Architectural Kits encourage kids to experiment with form, function, creativity and deductive thinking. Without realizing, kids will experience STEAM education by engaging with components that blend science, technology, engineering, art and creativity. The goal is to reconnect children to the real world of creative play. Whether they have an affinity for science/math or relate stronger to creativity/design—they all can experience fun as thinkers, makers and innovators through their own lens. The beauty of making the iconic home is only the beginning. That is the starting point. Kids can dismantle and remake masterpieces of their own. They can even cut and use shipping cardboard, paint or color them to make construction on a grander scale. The re-useable 3D printed connectors are designed to fit most cardboard boxes that you may have around your house. Builds are endless.

What may surprise you is that this kit is the invention of a teen sister/brother team who are veteran innovators since they were tots. Today, they are cofounders of their own business featuring building kits with re-useable 3D printed connectors and precut cardboard. Ayana (cofounder), is the Lead Product Developer and Graphic Designer of the 3DuxDesign team and attends Washington University as a freshman. Ethan (cofounder), Chief Engineer and Production Manager is a sophomore in high school proficient in CAD, complex modeling, 3D printing, and CNC routing. Winning multiple awards, they were recipients of the McGraw Hill Award for Best Educational Product at the NICEE National Convention Expo held at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation (June 2018).

  • 78 pieces.
  • Ages 4 years and up. 
  •  Made in USA.
Product Number 6001633

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