Michigan Wildflower Honey

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Our Wildflower Honey is 100% pure and natural. The bees that produce our honey spend all season visiting an array of plants.  The bees are allowed to roam freely in a natural setting.  They are not restricted to a limited area, we jokingly call them free-range bees.  The honey is rich in aroma and with a subtle sweetness.  Honey has so many wonderful uses beyond just tea or toast.  It can be enjoyed in homemade salad dressings, marinades, or even as a sugar substitute. 

If your honey crystalizes at the bottom of the jar, place the glass jar (with the lid off) in a bowl of hot water or in the microwave for a few seconds to dissolve.  These crystals are formed from the natural sugar present in the honey, the higher the sugar content the quicker this can occur.  The crystals do not compromise the quality of the honey in any way.

Honey is considered a superfood and has many health benefits, some will surprise you!  

We proudly get our honey from a Michigan Honey Producer that is licensed & inspected through the State of Michigan. 

  • 10 oz. 



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