Michigan Morning Gift Set

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What a wonderful way to start your day with an artisan-made gourmet breakfast beginning. A versatile selection of yummy preserves and 100% wildflower honey – a Michigan summer captured in jars! Key to the mouth-watering experience is knowing the company begins with fruit (no juice) and no commercial pectin. Everything on the label is a real food item. Pear preserves, 9.5oz.: Each pear is peeled and cut by hand then combined with a genuine vanilla bean and local Riesling for a gourmet special flavor (hands down their most popular). Triple berry 10oz: A blend of luscious strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that will delight your taste buds. The natural 10oz. Michigan Wildflower honey is 100% pure, rich in aroma, taste, color and texture. Pair any one of these with biscuits, toast, bagels or oatmeal for a real treat.

Not a morning riser? The preserves are a perfect fit over a bowl of ice cream, topping a cheesecake or mixing in yogurts or smoothies. The honey can be your secret ingredient for a salad dressing, ham glaze or slipped into a marinade. What ever your style, we are sure you will love this taste of Michigan. Honey dipper included.

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