Men's Lamy's Diner Tee

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One of the most charming eating experiences that you can have is a visit to an American diner. With a simple menu, seasoned staff, you may still find ones with diner language bantered about. You order a slice of lemon meringue pie and a cup of coffee and you may hear the waitress repeat the order as 1 corrugated roof and a flowing Mississippi. In the background you could hear Noah's boy on bread with a raft (Ham & cheese sandwich), 2 Muddy Moo (chocolate milk), and a Radio sandwich (tuna). It is a language all in great fun. This retro graphic tee is a shout out to those that have visited diners on the open road or have visited us to snack at our 1946 New England Lamy's diner. 

  • Black.
  • 100% Cotton.  
  • Imported.

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