Makers Desk Companion Workstation

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Where does a maker get his start?   For Henry Ford, it was repairing pocket watches by candle light at the age of 13. His fascination with small working parts prepared him to expand and evolve ideas to a larger scale.   Our portable LED light up tinker workstation affords all the necessary amenities to do close-up work (3X magnification) like jewelry making, model making, hand soldering, watch repair - any small job where you use small parts and need a second pair of hands.  

Alligator clips adjust and hold small parts while your hands are free to do the job. The soldering spool rest is convenient to hold your soldering iron. Don't waste your time making a working stand, get this one and move on to what really counts--creating your innovative passion.

  • Included are: a cleaning sponge, brass tip cleaner and solder flux. 
  • Requires 4 "AA" batteries. 
  • Ages 14+ 
  • 7.5" w x 10" h x 7.5" d. 
Product Number 9010670

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