Make: The Maker's Manual

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The Maker's Manual is a practical and comprehensive guide to becoming a hero of the new industrial revolution. It features dozens of color images, techniques to transform your ideas into physical projects, and must-have skills like electronics prototyping, 3D printing, and programming. Learn strategies for creative thinking, manage projects, financing, tools for team collaboration, get an introduction to CAD, 3D printing basics and more. This book's clear, precise explanations will help you unleash your creativity, make successful projects, and work toward a sustainable maker business.

Written by the founders of Frankenstein Garage (course organizers since 2011 helping makers to realize their creations). The Maker's Manual answers questions about the Maker Movement revolutionizing the way we design and produce things.

  • Softcover.
  • 213 pages.
  • 8"w x 9.75"h x .62"d.

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