LIzzie T Ford DVD

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Henry Ford's terrific Model T shrank planet earth by bringing automobility to it's inhabitants. The speed and ease of travel brought great changes to peoples lives - mostly for the better. It was a simple and sensible car, but somehow, the assembly of a pile of practical parts created a machine that was never boring. The "Tin Lizzie" had personality, near human traits that made it a legend in it's own time. Our story is mostly about the car, but it includes a brief look at its maker and their world. We study Lizzie's character - mechanical strengths and weaknesses which earned it great respect - and some scorn. And we look at the styling changes which occurred during its 19year life. Model T's were not all the same nor were they all black. Old B and W photos, period movie film and current video are utilized in this 74 minute documentary. Information was gathered from research books, from Model T experts and perhaps more importantly, from people who once used this now immortal automobile when it was just transportation. DVD.

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