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1939 Lincoln Sunshine Special 1:24 Scale

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This Presidential Parade Vehicle was a favorite of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and during WWII accompanied him to dramatic diplomatic meetings in Yalta, Teheran, Casablanca and Malta. The car's convertible roof gave the busy president a chance to enjoy the sun, hence the name Sunshine Special. This car was built by Ford Motor Company and modified by Brunn & Company to U.S. Government specifications. The Sunshine Special was originally equipped with a siren, running lights, a 2-way radio, as well as extra-wide running boards and grab handles for Secret Service agents. The car was powered by a 150 hp, 414 cubic inch V-12 L-head engine. In 1942, the Sunshine Special was updated with a new front grille. Concerns about the president's safety led to the installation of armor plating into the doors and body panels, and bullet-proof tires on the wheels. Storage compartments for submachine guns and pistols were also built into the car's interior.