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Ladies 'Lamy's Diner Waitress' Tee

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Anyone that has waited tables will appreciate our Lamy’s diner retro graphic tee celebrating waitresses everywhere! Waitressing was always a demanding business so much so that in early diner years, staff developed their own lingo. Today it has almost a lost language. Imagine hearing: "Have four in my gallery, 1 Bossy-in-a-bowl, 2 Cable Car Turkey doused in the Fog with Cranberry in the Alley and a Blue Plate Special with Butcher's Revenge. As the tab is written you see a Flowing Mississippi, #41, a Cold Spot and two black waters. That may sound sassy but that was the lingo. The culture as an art form. This tee is a tribute to those that lived the life and made it grand for others. And a great gift for the favorite waitress in your life.

  • Navy. 
  • 60% cotton / 40% polyester.
  • Imported. 

To clarify the order above based on the Lamy's diner menu: 1 Beef Stew, 2 Open Face Turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes/gravy and a side of cranberry relish, 1 meatloaf plate, cup of coffee, lemonade, iced tea and 2 root-beer. (While our presenters do not use the slang, you will get the classic food recipe experience upon your visit.)