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Ladies Detroit Raglan Sleeve Shirt

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Celebrate Detroit like we do. A culturally diverse population, Detroit is defined by its people both present and past. It is more than a city. It is a culture with a rich history.

Image how a place that started with ribbon farming made it full circle where gardens are harvested inside ruins of old factory buildings and homes scattered about in obscure corners of the city. A place where gifted architects made Detroit the “Paris of the West” mingled with evidence of buildings occupied during the Civil War. A city hub that attracted countless automobile innovators like Henry Ford and continued to cultivate visionaries like homegrown John DeLorean. A rich entertainment history from blind pigs and Paradise Valley in Black Bottom to fabulous artists that created the Motown sound and more recent, Detroit Techno (where Techno got it roots).

Quietly, a city that responded to social transformation playing a pivotal role in assisting escaped slaves (via the Underground Railroad) to pursue freedom in Canada. It was the debut venue of the “I Have a Dream” speech made by Martin Luther King. A robust place where art is not capsulated only in the Detroit Institute of Arts but is alive and found on the city streets as murals and sculptures,The Heidelberg Project or graffiti trafficking through the rails as boxcars passing through the city. Home to the world’s first commercial radio station, the world’s largest tire, the first paved road, the first American freeway, America’s oldest aquarium, and home of the real McCoy—and Detroit has much more.

Detroit is a culture. When you wear it, this shirt celebrates the reawakening of the city.

  • 50% polyester/ 25% cotton/ 25% rayon.