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Innovative Bluetooth Headband

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A marriage between a doctor and a video game developer (husband) has brought this Bluetooth headband to life. What began as a solution for sleep issues grew into an innovative solution for active people on the go. The doctor needed good sleep which could be aided by meditative music and her husband conceptualized the headband as an option with less bulk and ease of comfort. Integrating their skills, her husband soldered and she sewed the first 500 pieces themselves on their kitchen table and soon discovered their success in the market. Not long after, they realized the need exceeded sleep issues and they began a campaign to attract runners.

You will find these as the world’s most comfortable headphones for fitness and are guaranteed to stay put! The product’s innovative, over the ear design features ultra-slim, removable flat speakers embedded inside of a sporty, moisture-wicking, machine-washable headband. Nothing goes inside your ears so they are genuinely comfortable to wear! Put an end to the age-old earbud power struggle and add this to any workout routine. Featured on The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation.

Expect: superior sound quality, lead-free electronics, music streaming up to 30 feet away, and 13-hour battery life.

  • Small: 20”-23.5”
  • Medium: 23.5”- 25.5”
  • Large: 25.5” +