Indoor Growlight Greenhouse

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This is a greenhouse to get excited about! You can sustain a year-around mini garden inside your home! It is not only achievable, it is beautiful. This grow house is the answer if you want to have fresh growing herbs for meals throughout the year. Full spectrum LEDs supply an ideal balance of light for plantings and seed starts. The greenhouse design allows for a moisture rich environment perfect to start plants from clippings. Experience no burn issues with LEDs. What you will love about this sustaining habitat? Minimal power use, natural sunlight hue, very little heat is produced, 3 setting timer (8,12 & 16-hour settings that can mimic dawn and dusk), hinged front panel for easy access and best of all -- you can mount this to your wall! We don’t think that the innovator left anything out.

  • Made in the USA of domestic and imported components. 
  • 15.5” w x 15.5” h x 5.12” d. 
  • •lbs./UL Certified 6.5ft Power Cord.

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