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IcoSoKu is a brilliant Brainteaser with literally thousands of challenges. Place the number buttons randomly, then match the dots to the numbers. To create a new challenge simply swop a few number buttons and you have a new challenge to solve! Endless hours of fun! Remember: there’s always a solution! IcoSoKu can be completed correctly every single time. It’s amazing!  IQ Focus: Math, Logic, Strategy.    

How to play:                                                                                                                                                              

Remove all 20 tiles ( 4.25") and place the yellow pegs anywhere on the ball.Snap the white tiles on the ball around the yellow pegs so that the sum of the dots around a peg equals the number shown.Icosoku can be solved regardless of how the yellow pegs are arranged. Reposition to play again.

  • 5w x 7.5h x 7.5L.  
  • Ages 9+