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Grow an Organic Garden Seed Set

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Shake the winter blues and get growing! Be excited when you emerge from a long winter, breathe the fresh air and plan your Spring/Summer garden. This collection is a medley of seed varieties: Brilliant Beet Blend, Danvers Carrot, Radiant Radish Mix, Tri-Color Bean Blend and Ultimate Salad Bowl. Expect five of the best-selling mixes with over 25 distinct types within this assortment (perfect for those that like to try it all).

Specific planting instructions are included on each packet to get things going in Spring. Carrots and beets love a Spring and Fall grow season as they are cooler growers. Radishes grow plentifully so multiple plantings are a great option. Greens will love to be kissed by the sun and the beans will pattern the summer season. You will love the opportunity to harvest your own fresh produce. 4”w x 4”h x 2”d.