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Greenfield Village Yarn Bowl

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The Greenfield Village potters introduce a knitter's dream. Eliminated is a yarn ball rolling all over the floor or the cat chasing and hiding it under the sofa. This ingenious bowl creates a home for yarn to roll easily while avoiding knots as it moves through the carved-out slot. Some DIYers attempt to use plastic containers with a hole or a modified wooden bowl, but we find that static electricity builds up with wool or nylon blend yarns attracting dust to a project.  We also like the weight of our bowl which will sit solidly at your feet as you work your crochet or knitting. The bonus three holes located on the side provide a safe place to store needles. Best of all, our handmade yarn bowl is attractive whether it is in or out of use.

  • 4.75" h X 5.5" dia.
  • Hand crafted by Greenfield Village artisans.
  • Made in USA.