Greenfield Village Burlap Tote Bag

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Here is a sensible bag for our eco-friendly friends. This rugged tote is handy during trips to the market. As it ages the fabric becomes more relaxed.  Over time you may decide it is no longer looking Sunday-best so you use it to store onions or potatoes-- those vegetables that need to breath. Life is not over when you decide to replace that bag.  It now can become a garden tote when splitting or transferring plants.  Just plant it into the hole along with your new plant, return the soil around the new planting, water and over time the burlap will degrade and turn into soil. How much more innovative can a shopping tote be? Burlap. 13.5"w x 16.5"h x 4"d. 12" drop handles.

Product Number 3163203

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