Goodbye Batteries, Hello Water Clock

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What will they think of next? Goodbye batteries. It’s time for the clock powered by water. Technology of the future is already here. Absolutely cool! You have the most accurate, environmentally practical, hassle-free timepiece of its kind. Do you want a beautifully designed alarm clock that literally runs itself? Look not further. This clock runs 100% on natural power. You don’t even need to wind it up. Just fill it with water and you are set for 8 to 12 months of accurate timekeeping before refilling. This is revolutionary and game changing. Best of all, every step counts in our march towards a greener planet. 

• Instruction included. 
• Push button for: Alarm, Date, Seconds and Current time. 
• 4.25”w x 3.5”h x 3.75”d.

Product Number 4131287

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