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Flip Sled

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How did this innovative idea come about? Thank a little girl named Christiana who came up with the Big Idea when she saw how tired daddy was when he pulled her to the snow hills to sled. Once the outing was over, daddy would pull her home on the flat sled, exhausted. Deciding that buying a Husky would not work, she shared her idea with her daddy who included two of his friends to help design and manufacture this indestructible sled. Christiana is the proud founder of this exciting new sled and she hasn’t reached middle school yet!

This ingenious sled lets parents effortlessly pull their kids to-and-from a snow hill combining a wheeled surface and the sledding surface. It only requires to be flipped over. No matter what the terrain: snow and ice, grass or concrete, this revolutionary sled is designed to glide across it. The sled features a removeable leash (waterproof & UV resistant) that can attach in front or back to allow for controlling speed to avoid flips and spins. And when the snow has passed, the sled can do double duty transporting gear during a summer picnic.

If you have a GoPro, there is a mounting station to hold that device. Great job, Christiana. We wish you success and look forward to your next Big Idea!

  • Waterproof Polypropylene. 
  • UV Resistant. 
  • 20.8” w x 5.1”h x 33.7” l. 
  • Sled Weight 
  • Limit: 80lbs. 
  • Ages 3 - 6.