Fantasy Fort

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Prepare to make kids very, very happy! Every kid loves a fort to hide in whether they are young and play under a table or tent blankets over chairs and your couch. Here you can raise the level of their imagination by building a fort in the family room and learn to dismantle it for future play. There are 16 -1/8" printed heavy-duty cardboard panels (22" X 22), 16 binding clips plus a roll of double sided Velcro to hold the fort together. Four panels have windows to strategically act as look-outs on the build. Once the first build is made it is easy for the younger children to understand the technique of putting it together again. Building a second story allows a child to stand up yet still be incognito from the surroundings. Kids will love their new get-a-way and you will love saving wear and tear on your sofa and blankets. Let building begin!  

The kits contains:

  • 12 solid wall panels, 22" x 22"
  • 4 panels with windows, 22" x 22"
  • 16  carton binding clips
  • One roll double sided Velcro for twist ties

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