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Eagle Tavern Stoneware Sprig Mug

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From the hands of the Greenfield Village potters, we present this Eagle Tavern sprig mug. It is one of two mugs dedicated, in limited quantities, to celebrate our Eagle Tavern in Greenfield Village. The tavern/inn was sold to Henry Ford, who then resurrected it for the Village opening in 1929.  Originally the establishment was located about half-way between Detroit and Chicago serving travelers a great local home cooked meal.  Today, we continue that experience as our menus reflect similarly the local foods, fresh ingredients plus we include craft beers.  The tavern continues to charm our visitors even after 85 years.                                                                                                      

This stoneware mug is no less charming. Not only is it thrown by hand on the wheel, but the potters added an extra element of detail.  Once this mug has been shaped, a cutout clay eagle is added to the outside wall of the mug using a slurry. This process is called sprigging.  It is important that the slurry is applied carefully to ensure that the sprig stays firmly affixed during the firing stage.  Time and skill are key to the outcome of each mug.                                                                                                                    

You will appreciate all the care that is taken to create this handsome drinking vessel. And remember, this mug is designed for enjoyment so that you get the full aroma of your ale or beer.  Forget bottle and cans, this mug will make the difference.

  • Holds 20 oz.
  • Size: 6"h.
  • Limited.