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Eagle Tavern Plain Stoneware Mug

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Normally, our Eagle Tavern stoneware mug sized like this has a cobalt blue tulip decoration. For the first time we decided to offer this mug without the decoration.                

For a little bit of back story: In the early days, a tavern inn would have an array of tableware that was unmatched to each other.  There may be a plate pattern and a different pattern for the bowls, perhaps a completely different medium (like pottery) for work-horse serving pieces. One would even encounter several styles of mugs depending on the level of breakage. It was all tied to the expenses that were incurred to the proprietor, so replacements were not always matched due to costs.  If the tavern was fairly successful, they were able to afford a decorative element to their mugs which could infer that they had a successful business and a great place to stay for the weary traveler.  Plain mugs were just plain mugs.

Today, many of us look to avoid selecting decorative pieces so that they will not conflict with the home environment. To the innkeeper, it was not about looks, they were delighted to have the table set and seat everyone together for a friendly experience. Today we call that "networking" or a "meet and greet".  

  • Holds 16 oz.
  • Size: 4.75"H.