Driving America: The Henry Ford Automotive Collection - Hardcover Edition

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Driving America: The Henry Ford Automotive Collection is the first major book published by The Henry Ford that showcases its premier collection of automobiles. It includes 300 stunning, art-quality, never-seen-before-published images along with a foreword written by Jay Leno, and introduction by Edsel Ford II, plus four essays each from: Patricia Mooradian, president of The Henry Ford, Matt Anderson, curator of transportation, Bob Casey, retired senior curator of transportation from The Henry Ford and Mark Harmer, photographer . This award-worthy book, a 304-page hardcover, is filled with historically significant vehicles that make up the Driving America exhibition inside Henry Ford Museum.  From the 1865 Roper, the oldest surviving American car, to the hybrid 2002 Prius, the collection helps tell the story of how automotive innovations have changed our lives and influenced American culture. Add this book to your collection.  Likely, it will be the most viewed book that you have ever set on your coffee table. 

Hardcover. 304 pages. Size: 11.75"  x 12".         

The Driving America Collector's Edition is also available in limited quantities.

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