Cran-Apple Crossing Hobo Bread, 26oz.

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Ordinary people do extraordinary things. At The Henry Ford we love to relay stories that bring the past forward. Our recipe for Cran-apple hobo bread does just that. Enjoy this sweet bread treat that is cooked in a hobo pot, the tin can. While this sounds a bit strange, the flavor is impressive with bits of cranberries and apples mingled throughout.  

 Why do we tell a story about Hobos? Hobos were part of a very innovative community. They used the railroad as “home” and their mode for transportation as many were displaced for a lack of work charging them into a life of resourcefulness. Many worked for food, or solicited scraps, sang songs, told stories, developed a common language and shared belongings with fellow rail riders. The Henry Ford recognizes inventiveness in this snapshot of history and offers you a reimagined bread that hobos would have been delighted to eat. And you will, too!  Freezable. Sliced.

 Our bread is all natural, Michigan-made, without preservatives, so in order to provide you the freshest quality we ship on Wednesday and Friday.

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